Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Olympiad exams provide a wider platform for students to compete and analyse their academic knowledge and strength across subjects. They can gauge how they stand academically at different levels-within the school, at national level and above all at international level.
ISFO provides students an opportunity to appear for and check their knowledge and application skills in Maths, Science, GK and English. The wide spectrum of competition helps the students to acquire knowledge beyond the books, learn to face questions and gain confidence to appear in competitive exams throughout his/her learning years.
All students are provided a detailed and elaborate performance analysis report that enables them to understand their strengths and improvement areas in each of the subjects they have taken the exam.

Students can only enrol via their schools (minimum 100 students from a school) and appear for the Online Proctored Exam from the comfort of their home.

Students of classes 1 to 10 are eligible to appear for the ISFO Olympiad Exams.

There is only one level of exams this year.

Results of the Olympiad exams are declared within 6 weeks of the examination. The results are sent to the respective schools. The results are also made available on our website.

7th December 2021

The examinations will be conducted Online. The students can take the exams on their computers or smartphones. The only thing required is good Internet connectivity. However, they cannot use any devise working on an iOS platform like iPhones & Mac Laptops.

The exams are scheduled as follows:
•	Saturday 8th January 2022 – Maths & English
•	Sunday 9th January 2022 – General Knowledge & Science

There is only one level of exams this year to avoid pressure on children due to pandemic and reopening of schools.

There is no individual participation this year. You can only register via your school. If you want your school to participate, please share the name of your school and the contact details of the person whom we can talk with. Our representative will get in touch with your school.

This year Olympiads are only via School Invitation. A school can also contact us at and leave details about the school. A representative from our end will approach the respective school at the earliest.

For details please click the following link:

Each paper is of 60 minutes. The Portal will remain open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The student can do the test for one continuous hour anytime during this period. The test will be auto cut after 60 minutes of your login time.

Only 1 attempt per subject is possible. Do not login for trial. No second attempt will be granted.

You need a desktop/ laptop/ tablet/ mobile phone to appear in ISFO Online Exam. Note: You cannot use any device with iOS platform. For example: iPhones & Mac Laptops.
Working web-camera for live video is compulsory. Our test engine is equipped with an advanced Artificial Intelligence based anti-cheating feature which doesn’t allow exam access without active web camera. The speed of Internet connection must be ≥ 512kbp.

If at any time, during the exam, the test window gets paused due to poor internet speed or any connectivity issues, the exam will automatically be resumed when the internet speed gets back to normal. There is no data or time lost during such disruption. The internet connectivity must get back to normal within 10 minutes. After which the examinee is requested to get in touch with support for manual restart.

Under no circumstances, the test can be rescheduled for the next day.

Minimum 100 registrations across all eligible classes & subjects (Maths, Science, English & GK) are required.

Class Topper Certificates are awarded only to schools which enrol more than 50 students per class for each of the subjects that they have enrolled for. Top three students per subject per class from only the schools that match the stated criteria will be awarded certificates.

Post registration a unique roll number and password would be provided to the school for each student. The school will send this roll number and password to the students. The students will use their unique roll number and password to access the study material, the exams, and their results.

Post registration each participant will be able to download a specific preparatory booklet subject and grade-wise from the ISFO website. They will also have access to a Practice Test.

The practice tests will be available from 30th November 2021.

• Appreciation Certificate for school
• Appreciation Letter for the Principal
• Certificate of Appreciation for Olympiad Coordinator